SEALANTS are a great way to protect the pits and fissures of teeth against cavities. These areas are most vulnerable to decay because plaque, bacteria and food can get trapped in the deep crevices and are difficult to reach and clean. Sealants are most often placed only on permanent teeth when they first erupt for early protection. Dr. Miller will let you know if your child is a candidate for having their teeth sealed.

Sealant placement is relatively simple (depending on patient cooperation and site access) and done with out any anesthetic. In most cases there is no need to prepare the site with a dental drill. After the surface(s) is cleaned and disinfected, the tooth is isolated with cotton rolls and a conditioner is placed on the tooth and then rinsed off with suction. The sealant is a liquid plastic that is "painted" into the grooves and then cured with a special light to harden and stick it to the tooth, creating a seal. Sealants last for a few years (sometimes longer) and may be reapplied as necessary.

FLUORIDE is the best way there is to strengthen teeth against cavities. Teeth are in a constant state of DEmineralization and REmineralization due to the acids and sugars we consume and the ever-present bacteria in our mouths. Young, new teeth are especially susceptible to damage. Fluoride in our food, water and oral care products incorporate into teeth surfaces to form a stronger substance than natural enamel. Fluoride is even helpful to strengthen and desensitize exposed root surfaces in adults. Dr. Miller will let you know if you or your child are a candidate for fluoride treatment in our office and/or at home.

We apply fluoride in our office in "varnish" form. It is painted on all indicated surfaces at or near the end of your appointment and should remain on your teeth for approximately 4-6 hours for maximum effect. Only eat soft foods and drink cold liquids and DO NOT brush your teeth for that time.

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