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Dental fillings are the most common service we perform.  That is because we are so proactive about recognizing and treating decay early before the problem becomes bigger and requires more treatment.  It is important to know that fillings (like all other dental restorations) do not last forever.  We use the analogy of tires on a car:  after so many miles they just wear out and need to be replaced.  If the damage to the tooth is too great and too little tooth structure is remaining, then we usually recommend a crown to cover and protect the tooth from breaking.

Almost every filling we place is made of a tooth-colored composite resin.  (We rarely place metal fillings anymore.)  These filling are bonded to the remaining tooth and match the tooth very nicely.  Many times, they can be repaired if they chip or break.  Remember, chewing places a great deal of force on your teeth and restorations.  We recommend being aware and reasonably cautious of the things you’re biting into and eating so as not to overload the filling and remaining tooth structure.

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